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Meet ZOLEO. The world's first truly seamless global messaging solution for smartphones.

22 Nov 2020

The compact ZOLEO device connects with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® with the free app to provide seamless global messaging that follows you in and out of mobile coverage. Personal safety features such as 24/7 worldwide SOS alerting, check-in, and weather forecasts offer extra peace-of-mind when venturing off-the-grid.

ZOLEO gives rise to new two-way messaging capabilities not currently offered by other satellite communicators, which include:

- A dedicated SMS number and email address that makes it easy for contacts to reach you, as opposed to having to wait for a message from you to which they can reply.
- A familiar, non-technical messaging experience for smartphone users.
- An app that seamlessly transitions between Wi-Fi, cellular and SBD over the Iridium satellite network, so messages are delivered even if the user isn’t currently connected to the ZOLEO device.
- Long messages of 950 characters or more, as opposed the 160-character text/SMS message limit associated with other satellite messaging devices.

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