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Aussies love to explore our country, so planning for an adventurous holiday, to escape day to day activities could lead you traveling in the great outback. Australia is widely known for its vast land mass, where approximately 80 percent of the country is considered 'remote'. These areas have poor mobile phone, UHF, and HF radio service. Should an unfortunate emergency occur, the most reliable source of communication is over satellite - mobile satellite phone communications could be your lifesaver in cases of emergencies and life threatening situations. On the other hand, having a satellite phone to keep in touch with family and friends could make you feel a lot closer to home.

As most may only travel for a short period of time, it doesn't seem economical to purchase a satellite phone outright. SatPhone Shop now offers SatPhone Rental, allowing customers a cheaper option to access the satellite network. Whether you would like friends or family to track your travels, to stay in touch or for peace of mind, this could be your solution. Renting a satellite phone is also a great way to try before you buy... it couldn't be any easier than this. Call SatPhone Rental and let us assist you with your satellite communication needs.

80% of Australia has no MOBILE coverage

Reasons on why you would rent a SatPhone:

  • Traveling to a remote part in Australia
  • UHF and HF radio does not cover 100 of Australia
  • Iridium Satellite network provides 100% global coverage
  • For peace of mind

Why Choose SatPhone Rentals:

  • We're not just an online rental ordering system, you can also speak to a real person
  • Some of our staff has more than 15 years' experience in the mobile satellite phone industry
  • We deliver anywhere in Australia
  • We provide you with the best deals in the market
  • Part of SatPhone Shop, Telstra's largest Satellite Specialist Dealer

Satellite Phone Rental Kits

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