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At SatPhone Shop we have a purpose to educate people about reliable satellite communications when traveling across Australia’s vast land. We believe that you cannot compromise about safety and SatPhone Shop have reliable products, equipment and solutions that will allow you to communicate even if you’re located in the most remote part of Australia (or the World for that matter!).

It is proven that our products work in remote and harsh environments backed by the only truly global network Iridium.

SatPhone Shop is proud to partner with a few businesses to support them in their communication needs. Here are some of the companies that we are currently supporting.

Offroad Adventure Show

SatPhone Shop has been a proud communications partner with the Offroad Adventure Show team since 2013. We have provided them with an Iridium Extreme (9575) Satellite Phone and an Iridium GO! Device with Airtime and a DriveDOCK Extreme for handsfree in-vehicle installation with a WHIP antenna. You can see our products featured on their TV Show in the following links:

Outer Edge Magazine, Charles Werb & Team

SatPhone Shop is a proud communications partner for Charles Werb and his Outer Edge Magazine Team since 2015. We have supported Charles throughout his journey from his Outer Edge Polar Challenge to Antarctica, the 1800 kilometre hike and packraft through Patagonia, Paddling around the Florida Islands in Solomon Islands and competing in the World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships in Russia. Traveling with an Iridium GO! Device, Charles and his team can connect to the Iridium Network with their smartphones to make a call or text message family and friends in the most remote regions of the world.

Channel 31

C31 is a not-for-profit community television providing locally-based entertainment, education and information. Based in Melbourne, C31 provides access and representation to the many diverse communities within Victoria. Our advertising campaign comprises of 30-second and 60-second advertisement predominantly placed during prime 4x4 or fishing programs. The campaign also includes off-peak ‘run of station’ 30-sec TVC throughout the day.

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