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Telstra (Iridium Satellite)

SatPhone Shop is Telstra’s largest mobile satellite dealer, offering a range of Iridium products, accessories and Telstra mobile satellite plans to suit your needs.

Telstra delivers mobile voice and data services over the Iridium satellite network, giving you access in some of Australia's most remote areas. With 66 low orbiting satellites, the Iridium network provides satellite phone coverage virtually worldwide.

Telstra has the latest Iridium handsets, which look and work just like a regular mobile phone, as well as a wide range of access plans and accessories designed to maximise the functionality of your satellite phone for use in your vehicle, boat or on foot.

The Iridium satellite network is particularly useful for people working in professions such as geology, mining and exploration, as well as agriculture, throughout Australia’s most remote areas.

Reasons why you want Telstra Satellite Airtime:

  • No charge to receive calls, in most places in the world7. This is often a hidden cost with other service providers.
  • Your service is supplied with a 01471xxxxx number (similar to a typical mobile phone number). This means anyone in Australia can call your Telstra Mobile Satellite service by simply dialling your 01471xxxxx number. Other Iridium airtime solutions provide much longer, complicated numbers that can confuse users and make it harder to call your phone when it counts. With a Telstra Post-Paid service, it's easy!
  • Free access number for support from your Telstra Mobile Satellite handset from most places in the world7. Just dial 125 135.
  • Domestic rates are charged for calls made from, and to, destinations up to 200 nautical miles out to sea.
  • Telstra Mobile Satellite gives you the flexibility to pay your account over the phone, by post, on the internet or by BillPay. You can also pay in cash at a post office or at a Telstra store.
  • Telstra Mobile Satellite accounts are billed in Australian dollars and on a GST compatible invoice so there are no conversions from foreign currencies required or concerns about obtaining suitable Australian GST documentation.
  • Memo on-call 24x7 receptionist service available on your Telstra Mobile Satellite phone.
  • Most 1800,13,1300 numbers are available from your Telstra Mobile Satellite handset.
  • Calling Number Display is now available on supported handsets.
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