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Simply trade-in your Thuraya satellite phone today and save $$$!!

Iridium Extreme 9575

Iridium Extreme 9575

Limited Edition
Safety Yellow

Iridium Extreme 9575

Limited Edition
Sporting Camo

Iridium 9555Iridium GO!

Normal Price

$2295 $2695 $2695 $1995 $1595

Trade-In Price

$1845 $2245 $2245 $1545 $1395


Terms and Conditions:
Trade-In Values for your Thuraya Satellite Phone:
Iridium 9555 & Iridium 9575 is $450 inc GST.
Iridium GO! is $200 inc GST.
1. Iridium GO!, before Trade-In $1595 – After Trade-In - $1395 inc GST
2. Iridium 9555, before Trade-In $1995 – After Trade-In - $1545 inc GST
3. Iridium 9575, Before Trade-In $2295 – After Trade-In - $1845 inc GST
4. Iridium 9575 Special Edition, before Trade-In - $2695 -After Trade-In - $2245 inc GST
Offer is only available against the purchase of a new applicable handset from SatPhone Shop after the 7th of June 2024.
To qualify you must have a Thuraya Satellite Handset with a battery.
The handset cannot have been previously used for any other trade-in offer and can only be used once.
You must take a picture of the back of the phone clearly showing the IMEI number for the handset with the battery next to the phone.
You must send this picture to at the time of your order or within 24 hours.
Once your Thuraya phone has been used a Trade-In with SatPhone Shop, it cannot be used for any other Trade-In offers with any other service providers.
You must purchase an applicable Iridium handset with a minimum 12-month airtime agreement from Telstra facilitated by SatPhone Shop.
If a Telstra plan is selected, you can still select the Telstra Mobile Repayment Option (MRO) if you like.
Available Plans:
• Telstra TMS 55 x 12 months
• Telstra TMS 55 x 24 months
• Telstra TMS 85 x 12 months
• Telstra TMS 85 x 24 months
Offer not available with any other plans.
Offer is only available to customers approved by Telstra.
Service must be activated at time of purchase once account has been approved.
You cannot cancel of suspend the service for 12 months.
If you cancel before the 12 months, the trade in value you received will be reversed and will be payable, along with any outstanding account charges.
Offer not available in conjunction with any other offers.
Offer available untill 31st of December 2024 unless removed earlier.

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