Beam Inmarsat Privacy Handset


The Beam ISD955 Privacy Handset is an optional accessory for IsatDock2 LITE, IsatDock2 DRIVE and IsatDock DRIVE for added convenience with auto sensing answer and hang-up cup intelligence to enable privacy calls. 

  • Enable privacy calls
  • Auto answer when the handset is removed from the cup
  • Auto hang up when handset is placed back in the cup
  • 12 month warranty
Equiptment Supported
  • BEAM IsatDock2 LITE
  • BEAM IsatDock2 DRIVE
  • BEAM IsatDock DRIVE
  • Dimensions: 135mm W x 265mm D x 50mm H
  • Weight: 0.61kg
What's in the Kit
  • Hang up cup
  • 1.8m or 6’ curly cord
  • Handset
  • Mounting bracket to IsatDock LITE or IsatDock DRIVE - left or Right facing
  • Connector - RJ9
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