Beam 9555 RapidSAT Bag Phone


RapidSAT 9555 bag phone is ideal for short term use or applications where many people may need to access satellite communication for rapid deployment. The flexibility of the RapidSAT 9555 bag phone enables the unit to be easily transported between various vehicles, boats, machinery or aircraft and simply connects to the vehicle’s DC power source for in vehicle use.


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The kit is designed to support full hands-free voice calls, as well as private calls using the compact privacy handset. Data services can also be accessed easily using the USB data port.

The system has been purpose built, securely located within a "Soft" ruggedised carry bag making it small/light and easy to carry. It comes complete with DC charging lead, Cigarette Lighter Plug, AC plug pack and a magnetic mount antenna with 5 metres of cable attached.

Dimensions & Weight

• Dimensions: 380 x 250 x 150 mm

• Weight: 6.6kg


• Input: 10 - 32V DC

• Consumption (Standby): 0.33 @ 12V DC or 0.14 @ 24V DC

• Consumption (Transmit): 0.63 @ 12V DC or 0.23 @ 24V DC


• Operating temperature Range: 20°C to +60°C

• Operating Humidity Range: <85% RH non-condensing

• Storage Temperature Range: -25°C to +60°C

What's in the Box

•  Beam SatDOCK 9555

•  Speaker/Microphone

•  Privacy Handset

•  Carry Bag

•  Iridium Magnetic Mount Antenna

•  DC Car Charger

•  Small, Tough & Lightweight Carry Bag

•  Houses All Required Cables & Antenna

•  Charges 9555 Handset When Docked

•  Includes Magnetic Mount Antenna

•  Power Button to Control Unit Power Usage

•  Carry Handle or Shoulder Strap

•  Additional Storage Pockets

•  Convenient Hands-Free Operation

•  Privacy Handset

•  USB Data Port

•  Integrated Antenna Connection

•  No Moving Parts

•  10 - 32V DC Input

•  Supports Voice & Data Services

•  Full Duplex

•  Loud Ring Indications

•  Optional Battery Pack

•  Fully Certified - Including RoHS

For more information on the Beam RapidSAT 9555 Bag Phone, please download the following:

RapidSAT 9555 Manual

RapidSAT 9555 Quick Start Guide

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