Beam Iridium Aero Patch Antenna (TSO Approved)


Iridium Aero Patch Antenna designed for Aeronautical based applications.


Please Note: This antenna does NOT include antenna cabling. This needs to be added separately.



The Beam RST719 TSO Aero Approved Iridium patch antenna, is designed for aero applications with C-144 TSO Approval.


The antenna is supplied complete with bulkhead mount that enables it to be securely mounted without the connectors being exposed to the environment and fitted with a TNC connector. The RST719 is designed to be low profile and aero dynamic.


Key Features

•  Iridium approved

•  Designed for harsh environments

•  Small and lightweight

•  Aluminium alloy casting

•  TSO approved C - 144

•  Manufactured in the USA

•  12 month repair or replacement warranty

Frequency: 1595 +/- 30MHz

Polarization: Right Hand Circular

Axial Ratio: 3dB Max

Impedance: 50 OHMS

VSWR: < 2.0 : 1

Material: A380 Aluminum Alloy – casting. Ultem 2200 Radome

Finish: Polyurethane

Weight: 8oz or .5lb Max

Altitude: 70,000’

Connector: TNC

Colour: White

Operating Temp: Celsius -55° to +85° or Fahrenheit -67° to 185°

TSO Approved: C -144

For more information on the RST719 Aero Patch Antenna [TSO Approved], please download the following:

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