Maybe you are travelling with another vehicle across our great land, and want to be able to communicate vehicle to another vehicle?

Maybe you are travelling with a group of 4WD’s and need to be kept up to date on the conditions ahead?

Maybe you would like to make it a bit easier when backing the van into those tight spots, so you can easily talk to another person to guide you and tell you how you’re going?

Maybe you are camping, and going to do a few bush walks, but still want to be in touch in case you need anything?

For anyone or all for these reasons, renting a UHF radio makes good sense! All of our Rental kits include 2 handsets so we have you covered and from one of the most trusted brands, UNIDEN.

One-to-many, many-to-one communications!

Reasons on why you would want to rent a Handheld UHF Radio

  • Traveling with a group that also have UHF radio’s
  • Communicating easily when backing a large caravan
  • Keep in touch when walking away from base camp
  • Staying somewhere with a repeater tower increasing your coverage
  • No airtime costs
  • Simple and easy to use

Why Choose SatPhone Rentals:

  • We’re not just an online rental ordering system, you can speak to a real person
  • We take the time to help you with all your questions and offer the best solution to meet your needs
  • We deliver anywhere is Australia
  • Every product is tested prior to shipping
  • We provide you with the best deals in the market
  • Part of SatPhone Shop, Telstra’s largest Satellite Dealer
  • SatPhone Rental gives you the option of Insurance

2-Way Radio Rental Kits

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