Satellite Subsidy

Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme

The Government Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme closed on the 31st March 2014 at 5pm EST! Only customers that have been approved for the Government Subsidy will be eligable to use this towards the purchase of a new handset.

The Government Subsidy Office is no longer accepting Satellite Subsidy Applications

Step 1

Review our products and decide on a satellite phone. All products that are supported by the scheme have a purchase option for the subsidy scheme that you can select.

Step 2

Checkout the goods that you wish to purchase. Ensure that you have checked the purchase option for the government subsidy so that we know you wish to apply for this. Once this is complete you will receive an order confirmation email containing a list of desired goods and an order number. Please keep this for later reference.

The scheme requires that you get approval prior to the actual purchase of the goods and that the final purchase price is the original price minus the subsidy. Therefore if you select in the purchase options that you would like the government subsidy we will not request payment until you have been granted approval and the final amount has been approved. In the event the subsidy is not approved we will cancel the order.

Step 3

Visit the Australia Government Satellite Phone Subsidy website or call them on 1800 674058 Review their requirements, complete the application form and submit it for government approval.

When completing the form at "Part E - Dealer details", please use the following information to nominate us as your satellite subsidy dealer.

Name of dealer

SatPhone Shop

Dealers registration number




Contact name


Postal address

5/8 Anzed Court


Victoria, 3170

Business phone

1300 368 611


(03) 8669 4424


Step 4

Once approval has been granted please contact SatPhone Shop and provide us with the original order number and subsidy approval details so we can deduct the subsidy and complete the purchase.

Step 5

Once all is approved and the final payment has been completed, SatPhone Shop will ship your goods!

Subsidy supported products listed below

Things to note about the subsidy

  • SatPhone Shop is a registered dealer for the subsidy scheme.
  • The Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme is an Australian Government initiative to help people living or working outside of terrestrial mobile phone coverage to purchase satellite mobile phones.
  • If you are approved for a subsidy, you will be able to buy a satellite mobile phone for the retail price less the amoun t of the subsidy.
  • The subsidy is for the purchase of an approved satellite mobile phone and does not cover any other service charges or costs.
  • The subsidy varies according to where you live and the cost of the phone you buy
    1. Live or work outside of mobile a coverage area

      • 85 per cent of the retail price of the phone, to a maximum of $1000.

    2. Live in mobile coverage area, but work or travel outside mobile coverage area more than 180 days over a two-year period

      • 50 per cent of the retail price of the phone, to a maximum of $700.


Products available with the Satellite Subsidy Scheme


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